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News of the Residence in Corsica

Corsica, between Mare è Monti, marries its nickname of island of beauty with magnificence.

Through our articles, we propose to introduce you to its most beautiful sites but also to reveal Corsica through its culture, its traditions, its art of living and its events. In a word, to give you a taste of the specifically Corsican heritage.

Visiting Galéria: Must-sees
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Would you like to know what to do in Galéria during your stay to discover this magnificent place where time passes slowly? Situated between the sea and the mountains, Galéria plunges you into wild Corsica. You go there to enjoy the silen...
Visiting Pigna: Must-sees
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While some small Corsican villages have fallen into oblivion, this is not at all the case for Pigna, one of the most beautiful on the island of beauty. Restored to its former glory, Pigna is now home to many artists and craftspeople. Wha...
Visiting Haute-Corse: Must-sees
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Alternating between mountains, plains and beaches, Haute-Corse is a natural land of a thousand and one treasures. To visit it is to plunge into the heart of a heterogeneous, beautiful territory with a strong character. Haute-Corse has pl...
What to visit in Corbara
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Welcome to Corbara, a not-to-be-missed stopover on your stay in Haute-Corse. Looking for a change of scenery and a stroll through a village with a rich cultural heritage? This stage of your stay in Corsica will leave you with some fond m...
What to visit in Algajola
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Also known as Algaiola, the village of Algajola is located near Calvi in northern Corsica. Algajola has a rich history, and its remains are one of its greatest treasures. It has many facets, and features on many suggested tourist routes ...
What to visit in Aregno
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Situated in the Balagne region, the old village of Aregno is a stop-off in its own right during a discovery holiday in Haute-Corse. Comprising the village of the same name, Aregno also has two hamlets, Torre and Praoli. What to do in Are...
Events and traditions in corsica
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You've chosen to take your holiday in Lumio?  Residence Arinella offers everything you need  for a perfect stay on the Isle of Beauty. Here you will find some of the activities to do on holiday in Corsica.
Going to Corsica for a holiday with friends
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Do you want to escape? Looking for a destination for your holidays with friends? Arinella, holiday residence in Calvi, tells you all about the Island of beauty. On the program: paradisiac beaches, sporting excursions and breathtaking lan...
Which rent in Calvi to discover the creeks of Piana?
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Looking for a holiday rental in Corsica in Calvi and ideas for your holiday? Corsica is an area rich in heritage and exceptional landscapes, such as the creeks of Piana. Discover through this article the wonders of the creeks of Piana by...
The nature reserve of Balagne
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Partly classified as a nature park: Corsica offers a great biodiversity. The region of Balagne is known for its various nature reserves and wild landscapes. A residence of tourism in Corsica is ideal to discover this protected fauna and ...
Sports holidays
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Move is your motto for the holidays. Immerse yourself in the depths of the Mediterranean coast for a sporting holiday in Corsica. A holiday rental in Corse-du-Nord will allow you to enjoy various water activities, both land and air.
An apartment rental in Corsica
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A holiday at the sea or a holiday in the mountains, what to choose? And why not both ? Corsica offers a variety of landscapes to discover. Take an apartment rental in Corsica with Arinella to fully enjoy your holidays.
Balagne's trails
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Are you a fan of hiking? The Île-de-Beauté makes you discover its diversity through its trails. Come and explore the island with many walks: around the convent of Corbara, the walk around the lighthouse of the Revellata and the cascade o...
An apartment for your holidays in Corsica
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The warmth of the sun's rays, the grains of sand that tickle your feet and the iodized wind in your hair: a dream vacation. Apartments near Calvi allow you to enjoy the marine benefits during your holidays. Opt for a holiday apartment in...
Your dream holidays in Corsica
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For you holidays are synonymous with sun, a beach of fine sand, turquoise water and various activities. Corsica, more precisely the Balagne is then made for you! You will appreciate the sweetness of life, the diversity of landscapes and ...

From this paradisiacal balcony overlooking the Mediterranean you will make your own the words of Vincent de Moro-Giafferri (1878-1956) "a Corsican never goes into exile, he goes away" or you will follow the steps of Napoleon Bonaparte "with the perfume of his scrub, from far away, with my eyes closed, I would recognize Corsica. ". In a word, you will be in this place, while everything stops, led to have the heart filled with positive energies because our island is the very beautiful or the most beautiful...

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