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What to visit in Algajola

Also known as Algaiola, the village of Algajola is located near Calvi in northern Corsica. Algajola has a rich history, and its remains are one of its greatest treasures. It has many facets, and features on many suggested tourist routes in Haute-Corse. What to do in Algajola What to see in Algajola Where to go in Algajola? Here are a few must-sees to make your stay even more enjoyable.

The historic centre and Saint-Georges church

Its historic centre is a must if you're wondering where to go in Algajola. It would also be the ideal starting point for other visits.

The place welcomes you with an ancient fountain dating from 1856, to the right of which is the entrance arch to the narrow streets of the historic centre. The old buildings, typical of Corsica, are among the most attractive features of this corner of the town.

While exploring the historic centre of Algajola, don't miss the church of Saint-Georges, where polyphonic concerts are held in summer.

The port of San Damiano

Relatively few visitors to Algajola pass through the port of San Damiano. Admittedly, there are not a thousand and one discoveries to be made in this little port, but its charm and gentle way of life will not leave you unmoved.

Include this nugget in your itinerary if you're wondering where to go in Algajola. You'll enjoy a lovely view of the coast, far from the mass tourism. There is a charming little beach close to the port. It is also very little frequented.

The coastal path

How can you find out what to do in Algajola without including a stroll along its coastal path among your must-do activities? Facing the coastline, you'll admire Algajola's fortress, which is also, in a way, its emblem. The Château-Fort is now privately owned, but it stands on a major former Genoese square.

Also known as U Castellu, Algajola Castle was built in the 16th century on the ruins of Lomellini, a Genoese noble tower. The governor of Balagne for Genoa lived here until 1764. The building was a major defensive feature in this area.

In any case, on this coastal path that the locals also call chemin de ronde, you can stroll along the Algajola coast, very close to the castle walls. When you reach the little beach, you'll have a breathtaking view of the chapel of Saint-Michel, built on the seafront in the 12th century.

The beaches

What can you do in Algajola when you've finished wandering around the historic centre and discovering the ancient buildings? If so, Algajola is a little corner of paradise for those who love lazing around and water sports. A number of beaches with sports facilities await you.

For snorkelling, the rocks at the foot of the château-fort are among the most popular. For a larger beach, head to the one at Algajola-Aregno, which offers a magnificent view of the village. This beach is also the most recommended for a number of activities:

  • Kite-surf
  • Paddle
  • Towed activities
  • Windsurfing
  • Etc.

Looking for a quieter spot? Then head for the small beach in the historic centre or the one by the port of San Damiano. Both are relatively uncrowded, even in summer.

Surrounding towns

If you want to know what to do in Algajola and, above all, where to go in Algajola, the surrounding towns are also a must.

The town is an excellent base for visiting Corbara (8 km away), Pigna (9 km away) and Île-Rousse (8 km away). Calvi is also 14 km away. In less than 20 minutes, you can admire its ancient citadel or visit the Notre Dame de la Serra chapel.

You can also organise a day trip to the towns around Algajola. The Haute-Corse has the advantage that it can be explored in a day, so you can take your time and make the most of each stage.

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