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Calendar of events and fairs





  • Sept. 11-15


    Polyphonic singing meetings - L'Invitu

  • Sept. 15-16

    L'Ile Rousse

    Petanque Challenge Pascal Paoli - SPIRB Ile-Rousse

  • Sept. 21-23

    L'Ile Rousse

    L'Ile Rousse Fair


Corsica and music

Religious celebrations

The Christian marks on an island

Easter : The Granitula is a procession which is practiced throughout Corsica on Good Friday. It traces the long ordeal of Christ carrying his cross.
A procession "Granitula di Calvi", took place on Good Friday evening with the presence of two hooded penitents carrying the cross in turn. The procession goes from the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in the Citadel to the church of Santa Maria Maggiore in town. They are accompanied by members of the brotherhoods of Saint Erasmus and Saint Antoine. On the forecourt of the church, singing sacred complaints, they form "A Granitula" symbolic penitential procession, which consists of a spiral that winds in a snail shape.

L'ile-Rousse celebrate Saint Erasmus, Patron Saint of fishermen. Pilgrimage and procession. The statue of Saint Erasmus embarked aboard a fishing boat.
Date of the event : June 2, 2019

The Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is the protective mother of all Corsicans, venerated and adored all over the island. The Corsican anthem is the "Dio vi salvi Regina", a song of love and prayer dedicated to the Saint of Saints. A relatively unknown fact, is that before Pascal Paoli gave the island its emblem of the Moor's head, it was the Blessed Virgin who took its place; and although she has now disappeared from the flag, she remains in the hearts of the islanders. Assumption Day is celebrated on August 15,  and also her birthday on September 8, when thousands of pilgrims pay their respects.

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