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With the scent of olive and citrus trees that once brought to it prosperity, The Balagne extends from Calvi to Ile Rousse via Lumio with its sandy beaches, wild creeks and its rugged  hinterland where many  perched villages hide beautiful treasures.

Lumio and around

The village of Lumio


This village is located in the heart of the Balagne.  Since the earliest times, Lumio "village of light", was the centre of a cult dedicated to the Sun. The Romans called the mountain "Solis Ortus," where the sun rises. Grouped around the large baroque church, this large village full of character, looks out over the beautiful Gulf of Calvi.  A really picturesque village with its narrow streets and stone houses. From the village square and cafe, the view is breathtaking!

The Arinella beach - 200 m from the Residence


Small and discreet, hidden among theexpanses ofsandoverlooking the bayofCalvi. There is a popular restaurantand a Genoesetower on its skyline.A coastal path leads you away from thesandy beachfor those who prefer sunbathing on the rocks and also leads up to the Genoese Tower.

Caldanu tower


TheGenoese toweris a few hundred meters from the Point of Caldanu made up of slabs of characteristic rock.Square in shape,themassive base, well preservedonthree sidesis completelyruinedonthe last side.



...withtheisland ofSpano (a natural site protected bythe Conservatoire du Littoral) and the Tower ofSpanu.

An old Genoese tower in ruins. Discover the coastline of Pointe Spanu via a walk between the two Genoese towers Caldanu and Spanu, a remarkable place full of history. You can walk easily from the Residence.

Ruined village of Occi


Situated on a rocky promontory, at the altitude of 377m, the village ofOcciisan observatoryoverlooking the plains and the sea, offering a breathtakingpanoramic view.The history of thevillage dates back tothe fifteenth century,at a time whenthe coastline was not safe from invasion. The inhabitants of avillage onthe coast,at a place calledSpano,fleeingSaracens, took up occupation on the promontory ofOcci. In the seventeenthcentury however the villagedeclined, so that by April 1852, the municipality of Occi only consisted of 62people. Thelast inhabitant, Felix Giudicellidied there in1927.
Thisruinedvillage whereonlythe chapelhas been restored can be accessed viathreewalking trails.There is acircuit that includes adetour tothewesternsummit  of Capu d'occi

The Romanesque Chapel of Saint Pierre and Paul, Lumio

One of the oldestreligious buildings,itsamazingsculpturesand architecture are not to be missed! Visitthe cemeterythat surrounds it.



Calvi, capital of The Balagne sits proudly in the middle of a pretty harbour, in a bright bay. Its name comes from the Latin "calvus" meaning bald, with reference to the bare rock on which the Citadel was built.

The marina with its cafes and restaurants, yachts and fishing boats, in the lower town,provides a stark contrast with the old silent streets of the Citadel.
On a promontory of granite rocks, the Citadel of Calvi, built in the fifteenth century, represents six centuries of Genoese presence in Corsica. Its ochre coloured walls sit majestically above the lower town and harbour walls. The old town consists of steep, narrow cobbled streets and steps bordered by houses gradually being restored.


Ile Rousse

L'Ile-Rousse is a town on the coast of The Balagne. Its name comes from the red granite rocks (porphyry rock) which make up the Island of Pietra, just north of the city. Ile Rousse was founded in 1758 by Pascal Paoli, the father of his country, who wanted to dethrone Calvi, Genoese city par excellence.

Pietra Lighthouse, which dates from 1857,  has a magnificent view of the islands of red granite on which it is located, but also an overview of the city. A fifteenth century Genoese tower also stands nearby.


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