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What to visit in Corbara

Welcome to Corbara, a not-to-be-missed stopover on your stay in Haute-Corse. Looking for a change of scenery and a stroll through a village with a rich cultural heritage? This stage of your stay in Corsica will leave you with some fond memories. What to see and do in Corbara? Here's some information to help you organise your stay.

Presentation of Corbara

A visit to Corbara is a must if you're staying nearby, particularly in Calvi or Île-Rousse. Despite its beauty, this French commune in Haute-Corse enjoys a certain amount of peace and quiet. Indeed, many visitors to Corsica don't include it in their itineraries. And they're wrong! Indeed, with its scrubland, its small stone houses in pastel shades and its surface area spread over several levels, Corbara is a jewel to be discovered.

Before you know exactly what to see and do in Corbara, you should know that you'll have the privilege of walking through a veritable labyrinth, thanks to the narrow stone streets that lead you down a sloping maze. Corbara is a lively cultural centre with a profoundly religious atmosphere.

Discover Corbara: focus on the must-sees

Take the time to put together a tailor-made itinerary for your visit to the village. You can then select only what interests you from all that there is to see in Corbara. However, this small town is easy to visit and can be explored in a day.

Here are just a few of the religious buildings you won't want to miss:

  • The chapel of Notre-Dame des Sept Douleurs
  • The convent of Saint-Dominique
  • Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary
  • The collegiate parish church of A Nunziata, which houses the Treasure Museum with its collection of liturgical ornaments
  • Etc.

What else is there to see in Corbara apart from the religious buildings? The beautiful Di U Sbollaru fountain, for example. Spring water gushes out of it in a rather capricious flow, but you can quench your thirst there just fine. Why not climb to the top of the village to visit the home of Monsieur Guy Savelli? This private house museum tops the Tripadvisor rankings, ahead of the Musée de Corse, the Musée Galéa and the Maison Bonaparte. As a reminder, Guy Savelli spent his entire life collecting documents, objects and numerous items relating to the history of Corsica.

To discover Corbara and take home many souvenirs, there are other places to visit, including the Pietra lighthouse and the beaches just a few kilometres from the town. Visit the beaches of Bodri, Algajola and Île-Rousse, for example.

What to do in Corbara

Wondering what to do in Corbara during your stay? Lovers of water sports can go kite surfing or windsurfing. You can also go on boat trips and enjoy a good time on the open sea.

On the other hand, this magnificent corner of Haute-Corse is particularly good for walking and hiking. Depending on what you're looking for, you can choose a path along the hills, along the shore or through the olive groves.

So, can't those who just want to relax stay here to discover and enjoy Corbara to the full? Absolutely. Corbara's fine sandy beaches provide a beautiful setting for basking in the sun.

Discover our neighbouring towns

Don't just discover Corbara. Discover the other villages that make up the charm of Haute-Corse.

Take a trip to Pigna, for example, a village recognisable by its blond houses with azure shutters. Meet the engravers, jewellers, potters and luthiers in their stalls and workshops.

And don't forget to visit Galeria, Algajola and Aregno.

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