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Visiting Galéria: Must-sees

Would you like to know what to do in Galéria during your stay to discover this magnificent place where time passes slowly? Situated between the sea and the mountains, Galéria plunges you into wild Corsica. You go there to enjoy the silence, the calm and the gentle way of life. Of course, there are plenty of sites to visit and a variety of activities to liven up your stay. What to see in Galéria? What to do in Galéria? Follow the guide.

Exploring the centre of Galéria

Although not particularly large, the centre of Galéria is a great place to wander around and discover its charming little houses. You can explore on foot to meet the locals and admire some of the administrative and religious buildings.

Galéria was restored in the 19th century following centuries of invasion, pillage and destruction by Barbary pirates. The town's architecture is therefore relatively recent, as is that of the town hall and the church of Sainte-Marie.

Discover the Genoese tower

The Genoese tower of Galéria is just a few minutes' walk from the centre. One of the 7 Genoese towers in the Calvi area, it was built between 1551 and 1573.

The management of this tower has changed over time, but it now belongs to the municipality. Traditional and cultural events are held there regularly.

The Fango River

Listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the River Fango is ideal for a kayak trip if you're wondering what to do in Galéria. You can take to the three terminal branches to admire their beauty.

If you go quietly and without noise, you might even come across the owners of the place:

  • Cistude tortoises
  • moorhens
  • Egrets
  • Kingfishers
  • Great grebes
  • Etc.


As in many Corsican towns, hiking is one of the activities to look out for when considering what to do in Galéria. Two hiking trails are recommended, and they do not require a high level of hiking ability.

The first starts from the port and follows the coast. The second starts at the top of the village, but you can also start it from a path on the Calca road. In any case, these walks offer some wonderful discoveries in terms of scenery. Don't hesitate to talk to other people who have already done the route to improve your experience.

Going to the beach

The beach is also a not-to-be-missed spot for those wondering where to go in Galéria. Galéria beach lies opposite the bay and to the left of a small fishing port. Approximately 700 metres long, this sandy beach is quiet and not very busy. It's a pleasant little spot, even in summer.

The only activities available on Galéria beach are swimming, strolling and lounging. For more water-based activities, you'll have to head for a livelier beach, such as Calvi, 32 km away.

Walking in the area

Don't just know where to go in Galéria, but also discover the surrounding villages and small towns. These places also hold many wonderful discoveries in store for you.

Calvi, for example, is around thirty minutes' drive from Galéria. A perfect destination for beaches and water sports, Calvi also boasts a wealth of culture, history and heritage.

There are other places worth visiting in the Galéria area:

  • Aregno
  • Corbara
  • Algajola
  • Etc.
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