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L’Ile-Rousse : A holiday panorama

During your holidays in Balagne, it would be difficult not to visit L’Ile-Rousse. Also known as « Isola Rossa », the name comes from the red granite rocks along the coastline. It is located in one of the most beautiful bays of Corsica, a short distance from Calvi. Book a holiday in Corsica to discover the various landscapes of l’Ile-Rousse.

L’Ile-Rousse : A holiday panorama

L’Ile-Rousse : escape for a day

L’Ile Rousse invites you to go on an adventure. The diversity of its landscapes will amaze you at each step you take. Spending a day in L’Ile-Rousse allows you to be amazed by its treasures.
Upon arrival you will be seduced by the old town centre and the Place Paoli. The old town is full of shops, cafes and houses of Florentine inspiration. Each morning, the market sells Corsican specialities in a beautiful stone marketplace.
Do you want to relax? The walks by the sea are beautiful and allow you to discover the biodiversity of the island. You can walk from the town centre up to the top of the peninsula to admire the lighthouse of la Pietra, a Genoese tower built in 1857.
After a long walk, there is nothing better than a nap on the beach, or some water sports. L'Ile-Rousse has three beaches, all sandy. Everyone can find happiness: sunbathing, building sandcastles, or water sports activities...
L'Ile-Rousse is an unusual place that has all the good parts of Corsica and of the region of the Balagne in one place.


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