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Summer Holidays : Visit the village of Lumio

Lumio is a small hillside village in Upper Corsica with the sea below it . It is located above the Bay of Calvi and offers a wonderful panorama as you wander around the village. Holidays in Lumio are ideal to enjoy the sound of waves in the background.

Summer Holidays : Visit the village of Lumio

Lumio : a village marked by its history

Walking through the village, you will notice the beauty of the streets and houses. It is a charming place where light is omnipresent, every hour of the day the sun illuminates the village.
Lumio is dominated by the abandoned village of Occi, only reachable on foot by different footpaths. It takes 25 minutes to walk up to it. Once up there, you won’t be disappointed; Occi is the best spot above the plain of Fiume Seccu and offers a breathtaking panorama over the Marina of Sant Ambroggio.
Lumio possesses two Genoese towers, from the 16th century, originally built to defend the village. The first one is the Tower of Caldanu, with a rare squared shape. The second one is called the Tower of Spanu.
It would be difficult to miss the baroque church of Santa Maria in the heart of the village, it hides an impressive dome and a bell tower. Close to the church, is located the oratory of Sant’Antoine, where you can see frescos dating from the 17th century.
Chose to spend your holiday in Lumio, to visit this typical Corsican village, and maybe you will bump into Laëtitia Casta (a famous French model born here).

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