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Holidays in Corsica : sports activities

Corsica is the perfect place for sports lovers. Whether on land or at sea, all the choices are available: Help yourself! Enjoy a holiday rental in Calvi to enjoy the beautiful landscapes while taking part in a physical activity - let’s go!

Holidays in Corsica : sports activities

Discover Corsica through sport

Corsica, a land with breathtaking views and where taking part in sport is a delight. You can practice many sports, the sites are varied and accessible to all levels.
Hiking in Corsica provides various opportunities as the region of Balagne has 250 km of paths. We recommend this route which is close to Lumio: the circuit of Focolara. The hiking trail starts at Galeria and is 45 minutes from Calvi. It's a hike with an elevation of 1300 m; which extends over 18 km. For those who prefer to venture north, many trails are passable by mountain bike. Plan your walks in the morning to avoid the hottest times of the day.
For rock climbers, there are many options allowing you to explore Corsica by going higher. Climbing offers the opportunity to see up close the « tafonis », a specific rock formation found in Corsica.
For sea lovers, water activities are numerous: kayaking, sailing, wakeboarding and windsurfing are fun ways to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the coast of the Balagne.

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