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Exploring the cultural heritage of northern Corsica

No need to be a history fan to visit the magnificent cultural heritage of Northern Corsica. Our Residence in Corsica allows you to enjoy the beaches and sun but also to discover the beauty of the island's history.

Exploring the cultural heritage of northern Corsica

A rich cultural heritage

Corsica is known for its white sandy beaches but also for its heritage. Indeed, Southern Corsica offers many things to discover. Its heritage is a reflection of its history and different cultures and beliefs that have settled. These places are the remains of what is now the diversity and richness of Corsica. As Corsica is a very religious place, there are plenty of churches, chapels, shrines and monasteries.
Near Lumio, in Calvi, is the chapel of Notre Dame de Serra, a jewel of Calvi’s heritage. A little further south is the St. Dominic Convent in Corbara in the heart of Balagne. As well as the Convent, the surrounding countryside is beautiful. Going a little further inland, the village of Calenzana nestling below the granitic mountains also hides treasures including the St. Blaise Church. Not to mention the Creeks of Piana, a rocky coastline which rises 300 meters above the level of the sea.
Please note that Southern Corsica has 66 buildings protected as historical monuments, a great opportunity to return to visit them.
For your holidays in Corsica, a plethora of places to visit is awaiting, do not hesitate to discover all that the Corsican landscape has to offer.

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