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Rent a beachfront apartment in Corsica

Corsica is full of fabulous beaches; it would be a shame not to enjoy them during your stay. Residence Arinella offers fully equipped apartments in Corsica close to the beach. Just a few steps and you will have your feet in the sea.

Rent a beachfront apartment in Corsica

The Corsican coast, a delightful discovery

Corsica has more than 1,000 km of coastline, you can explore the beaches, coves, granite cliffs, and the famous maquis ... The Mediterranean sea offers a wide variety of water sports activities. You can easily practice: sailing, water skiing, kayaking; windsurfing. Diving is also very popular, you can admire many corals, anemones and a multitude of colourful fishes. Corsican beaches are perfect places for lounging and relaxing holidays. Put on your swimsuit; grab your towel and sunscreen, and fine sand awaits you!

Seafront rentals in Corsica: Comfortable and fully equipped apartments

Renting an apartment close to the beach has many benefits and makes your life easier. You can enjoy the beach without having to take your car, leaving you more time to enjoy your holiday without stress. No need to find a parking place, you just have to put on your shoes! Not to mention that the sea offers a peaceful view all day long.

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