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News of the Residence in Corsica
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Discover Northern Corsica

Holiday rentals in Northern Corsica are the most convenient way to visit the treasures offered by the island. The north is wilder than the south, it is the ideal place to walk and enjoy nature. It is very easy to visit from Lumio, which is close to many of the popular sightseeing places.

Discover Northern Corsica

A superb area for gastronomic discoveries

The “Haute-Corse” is separated from the “Corse du Sud” department by the central mountainous region called "I Monti". The region is characterized by its large number of wineries, producing white and muscat wines, and also for Corsican specialities: meats, cheeses ... An aperitif in the sun will revive your tastes. For wine lovers, the wine route in Patrimonio (1 hour 30 from Lumio) will introduce you to the wines of the region. Wines from the Patrimonio valley are renowned for their quality; there are also many more isolated areas nearby. The place is also popular for walks and landscapes between land and sea.

The essential towns near Lumio

For many travellers, l’Ile-Rousse always amazes by its beauty, its old town and its sandy beaches. Do not forget to watch the sunset from the lighthouse of la Pietra! It would be difficult to stay in the Balagne without visiting its capital: Calvi, a medieval city full of charm. It is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Corsica. The Salt Tower, the St. Anthony Oratory, the Cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, the Sainte-Marie-Majeure colourful baroque church are waiting for you!
The Agriates desert - is less than an hour from the Residence – and offers a complete change of scenery, even if access is not always easy. The contrast between the turquoise blue sea and the maquis is striking. You will find many wild beaches with cows on them, as well as nature reserves.
Do not hesitate to ask us about local events during your stay.

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