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Rent an apartment in Corsica for your holidays

Nothing better than Corsica in the spring to discover its heritage while tranquility. Visit its paradisiac beaches, its paths lined with wild creeks, its citadel of Calvi and the lighthouse of Pietra. Do not wait to rent an apartment in Corsica with Arinella for a breathtaking holiday.

Rent an apartment in Corsica for your holidays

A rich heritage in fauna and flora

Spring is an ideal season to discover the fauna and flora that surrounds the island of beauty. Take a detour to the Calvi beach where you will discover the Calvi Citadel and the Revellata lighthouse and continue to the Corbara convent with its trails, where the asphodel reveals all its mysteries. This flower with many facets, lets you catch a glimpse of its delicate white petals. Continue on the wild coast where you will discover a magical view of the Mediterranean and its mountains, you will discover the famous maquis.

A detour near Ile Rousse

The Ile Rousse, not far from there, reveals you his artisan biscuit Salvatori, and full of other varieties to taste.
The other wealth of this island is the eucalyptus very present on the island, especially in the North. In Lumio, you can discover its specialty shops that sell essential oils, herbal teas ...

Corsica is the assurance of a relaxing holiday by exploring the region of Balagne, rich in history and landscapes. To take full advantage of this environment, rent an apartment in Corsica with Arinella.

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