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Tourism in Balagne : culinary specialties | Arinella

Tourism in Balagne : culinary specialties | Arinella

Are you tempted by an aperitif with friends?  The Balagne can tickle your taste buds with its traditional dried meats - 'charcuterie'.  You will find 'Figatellu' -made from pigs liver, which can be eaten raw or cooked, and the different cooked hams: 'Lonzu', 'Panzetta', 'Coppa' and  'Prisuttu'. Corsica is also well known for its cheeses, with 'Brocciu' a type of ricotta, being one of the most famous. An aperitif is fun, but a main course can taste even better!  'L’Aziminu', a Corsican fish stew which can be accompanied with polenta, made with chestnut flour. As for Corsican olive oil, a mythical speciality dating from past generations, which has become an economic wealth for Corsica.

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Corsica is  endowed with beautiful scenery and a rich culinary tradition.  We will take you on a voyage of discovery of these traditions: the famous 'Figatellu', also the olive oil, and the 'l'Aziminu' a delicious Corsican bouillabaisse (fish stew).

Discover the savoury specialities

What are the sweet specialities of the Balagne?

How to finish off your meal well? You can finish with a slice of 'Fiadone', this delicious cake, typically Corsican is made primarily from cheese. 'La Falculella' - small cakes made from 'brocciu' and cooked on a chestnut leaf is also tasty.  'Canistrelli' biscuits go really well with a delicious cup of coffee,, in your rental apartment in the Balagne at Residence Arinella.

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