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The region of Balagne in northern Corsica: a popular holiday destination

Balagne is one of the most popular areas of Corsica for its beauty. Its two main cities are L’Ile-Rousse and Calvi. The region stretches between Nebbio (the Agriates desert) to the peak of Monte Cinto (the highest point of the island: 2710 metres). Book a holiday in the Balagne to discover the region.

The region of Balagne in northern Corsica: a popular holiday destination

Balagne: a rich heritage to discover

The region of the Balagne is full of treasures to visit. Calvi, the capital, is one of a kind. Calvi Citadel is unmissable; it dominates the city with pride. It is the emblematic site of the Balagne and surely one of the most beautiful sights of Corsica. In L’Ile-Rousse, the lighthouse of Pietra - built in 1857 - is the highest point of the town, the viewpoint gives you an incredible panorama. Do not forget to go to the heart of the town on the Place Paoli and the Church de l’Immaculée Conception. The religious heritage of Romanesque and Baroque art is everywhere in Balagne, a permanent exhibition. The village of Corbara is a perfect example of this. At Algajola, U Castellu the castle built in the sixteenth century overlooking the sea, is an historical monument. The Balagne has many other treasures to discover during your stay.

Balagne, a region between sea and mountain

The region of the Balagne surprises all visitors by the diversity of its landscapes. Indeed, it was previously known as the "Garden of Corsica", it abounds with fruit trees (figs, olives ...) and the vegetation is lush. The sea and the mountains offer a fascinating spectacle. The long beach of Ostriconi next to the Agriates desert are ideal places to relax surrounded by beautiful scenery. The region of Balagne immerses you in a natural environment, a paradise for nature lovers.

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