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Activities in northern Corsica

There are plenty of activities to choose from in Corsica, whether you visit in summer or winter, l’Île de Beauté” has many assets. A multitude of choices are at your disposal. Renting an apartment in Northern Corsica allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the place, whilst indulging in your favourite activities.

Activities in northern Corsica

Water sports in northern Corsica

The sea is omnipresent in Corsica; it would be a shame not to enjoy it. Underwater or on land, alternatives abound. You can go with either a rental boat or a jet ski to discover the Corsican coast. For the sporty types, there are numerous sailing clubs near Lumio, where you can practice stand up paddle, sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking ... After seeing the coastline from above, why not go under the water and try scuba diving or snorkelling?!

If you prefer to stay on land?

The Corsican mountain terrain is ideal for organising many hikes and walks. The scenic beauty is a call to explore the island by foot. Cycling is also a great alternative for exploring the trails. Some places like the ruins of the abandoned village of Occi are accessible only on foot and offer stunning views of the Bay of Calvi, below.
Not to mention that the region of the Balagne has many beaches, perfect places to rest and refresh after your sightseeing.

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